Smart, savvy, well-informed business decisions have taken this farmer on a journey of huge growth.


We’ve been partnering with John Owens for almost 20 years since he owned a butcher shop in Lincoln. He now runs a business with the help of his wife that produces almost 1 million chickens per year, growing them to full size in around 35 days.


John was curious about chicken farming but as a third generation butcher was unsure about making such a major change. 


Smart, savvy, straight talking Ashton Wheelans played a key role in John’s decision-making and have been a big part of the forward planning since.

This has included developing from one shed to four and assisting in additional investments including a subdivision in Rolleston and establishing family trusts.

The chicken farm is run by just John and his wife using advanced automation. John’s abilities have been recognised by Tegel with the processor investing around half a million dollars in new technology on the Owen’s Burnham farm. 

"We’re pretty independent in how we do things, but Ashton Wheelans provides us with an important third party perspective which we really appreciate…If I’m making decisions of any significance we include them.” John Owens, contractor to Tegel