A lot of business owners measure if their business is doing ok by something as simple as whether or not they have money in the bank, or if they have enough to pay wages this week...

Typical financial statements, even if provided on a monthly basis often contain too much detail and are cumbersome to digest, therefore don't get reviewed adequately for the key performance metrics.

Business owners don't have the time nor necessarily the skillset to review a Profit & Loss or Balance sheet on a frequent basis.

That's why at Ashton Wheelans we use various dashboarding and analytics tools to sync directly to your accounting system and we tailor 3-5 simple and clear key metrics to provide to you on a regular basis so you get the snapshot you need to keep your finger on the pulse and can spend time on what matters - running your business.

There's an abundance of data out there these days so cut through the noise and work smarter not harder and focus on only what matters.


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