Digital Transformation

Whether we like it or not, we live in a digital world. To stay competitive, businesses need to utilise technology to maximise efficieny and become more agile. Whether it's company-wide, or just one department, Ashton Wheelans can help you identify opportunities with a digital transformation review.

Dashboard Reporting 

Data is everywhere and can provide meaningful insights into your business to help you make informed decisions in a timely manner. Whether it's presenting your financial information in a more understandable way, or reporting on all aspects of your business, if you have the data Ashton Wheelans can create a custom dashboard report that works for you.


We can offer some insight into what your business is worth as the basis of a range of key business decisions, including entry and exit of shareholders.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our experience conducting due diligence through a range of nature and size will give you comfort and transparency through the decision process to identify and resolve any issues that arise prior to acquisition.

Ownership Structure

The right ownership vehicle can ensure you build and protect wealth in the right areas, and take advantage of any tax or financial security implications. The right structure may vary over time as your business evolves and circumstances change.

Start Ups

Starting a new business is a big step. We can support you through the launch and experimentation phase to ensure you get off on the right foot.


Identify your strengths and weaknesses, and get the right people and the right advice around you to compliment your expertise and maximise potential.


We have assisted many business owners through the maturity phase of their business. If you are looking for a strategy to exit while maximising value we can lead you through this process.


Estate Income Tax Obligations

Generally an estate income tax return is required to be filed with the Inland Revenue Department for any income earned by an estate after the date of death. Ashton Wheelans can take care of all the taxation requirements and obligations regarding your estate, from applying for a seperate estate IRD number to cessation of all taxation matters upon wind up. Find out further information here. 


Trust Reviews

The new Trusts Act was passed on 30 July 2019 and will come into force on 30 January 2021. The Trusts Act puts into law duties for trustees and enforces much more transparency around Trust activities. Trustees will have greater compliance requirements going forward and beneficiaries now need to be aware that they are a beneficiary. Our Trust Review service helps you work through these changes and understand your new obligations. For more information and how we can assist click here

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