Prevention and Recovery 

Andrew Oorschot, based in our Christchurch office, leads our business recovery team which has extensive insolvency and restructuring experience. We can offer clarity to often intimidating and stressful processes while helping you work through the necessary steps to recovery. 

Current Liquidations and Reports 

Restructuring & Turnaround

In business, it's important to act before things reach a breaking point. Address issues as early as possible and get help before it's too late. At Ashton Wheelans, we'll begin with an assessment of the situation and careful consideration of the issues and options available including:

  • Financial Position Analysis
  • Profitability & Performance Management
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Funding & Restructuring Options
  • Asset Utilisation & Realisation

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Liquidations & Receivership's

A company can be placed into receivership by a secured creditor or liquidation via shareholder appointment or an order of the court. Insolvency is a systematic process to realise company assets and distribute funds to creditors in order of legal priority.
We work with all parties to ensure the process is completed with fairness and efficiency to achieve the best possible outcome for all creditors.


As an alternative to insolvency, companies can engage with creditors to reach a compromise over debts outstanding without entering a formal liquidation process. A compromise ensures the company can continue operating and with the approval of creditors, ensures a better outcome for all involved.

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