• Managing transitions

    "The way Ashton Wheelans works with Hanham & Philp mirrors how we like to work with our design and construction partners."
    John Parish, Hanham & Philp Contractors Ltd

  • Building relationships

    "Ashton Wheelans understands that looking after trees is like managing any relationship. Tend them carefully and they will reward you many times over."
    Chris Walsh, Treetech

  • From one generation to the next

    "Ashton Wheelans has become my sounding board to the point where I don't make any major business decisions without discussing it with John first. You might say it's more like a relationship you'd have with a brother."
    Frank van Schaijik, John Jones Steel

  • Sowing the seeds

    "When I look back the steps we have made seem so logical – but to make them we needed someone we trusted and admired to give us the confidence to do so. That's very much what Ashton Wheelans has done."
    Glenn Bolton, Independent lens specialists

  • Handling industry change

    "Over recent years we've needed to make some far-reaching decisions about how we manage the business. Ashton Wheelans has played a critical part in these decisions."
    Greg Bramwell, Photo and Video International

  • An outside perspective

    "We're pretty independent in how we do things, but Ashton Wheelans provides us with an important third party perspective which we really appreciate."
    John Owens, supplier to Tegel

  • Handling bolts from the blue

    "I never thought one of our buildings would make the New York Times, and I have to say it wasn't for the best of reasons. Ashton Wheelans has been key in sorting out a recovery plan."
    Shaun Stockman, KPI Rothschild

  • And once the job's done

    "You can talk with Ashton Wheelans and they grasp immediately if there is a problem, simplify it and give you an answer that's readily understandable."
    Keith Hanham,

Welcome! The fact you're here suggests you are already one of our valued clients or you want to do something differently in your business.

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  • develop their full potential
  • identify opportunities
  • increase profitability
  • improve cash flows
  • minimise risk

Oh, and we'll diligently and effectively attend to your financial accounting and tax return requirements, too.

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