What do I need to provide my accountant ?

What do I need to provide my accountant ?

If you are on Xero and are in regular contact with your accountant  the requirements will be minimal if not already completed.  But if that does not sound like you the list below outlines what your accountant will need you to provide.

What does my accountant need in assisting with the 2018 financial accounts:

  • Bank statements for new loans and bank accounts
  • Creditors and Debtors that are not included in the Xero system 
  • Invoices for new assets purchased 
  • Stocktake, providing a balance of stock on hand as at balance date. 
  • Work in progress - are you building any fixed assets that are not completed as balance date? you accountant will need to know the level of progress (% and $) and the cost still required to complete the build/project.  
  • Any financing? Your accountant will need to be provided with the financing documents and transaction summary.
  • Payroll reports as at balance date,
  • Have you disposed of any fixed assets during the financial year? Were they obsolete or were they sold to a third party. 
  • Debtors - are they truly outstanding. Does confidence still remain that they will be paid or should the debtor be written off as bad debt - these need to be consider before financial year end. 

You can download, complete and email through the relevant questionnaires below to ensure the information you provide is comprehensive.

Rental Questionnaire

Business Questionnaire

Please contact your accountant should you have any questions