Tuesday 15 May

5:30pm - 7:00pm

18 spaces available

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When you have a clearer understanding of your profit drivers it can give you the insight you need when deciding which areas of your business will return the most from your time and energy investment.

This workshop is being run by Ashton Wheelans partner Andrew Oorschot. With over 25 years experience he can separate the theory from the reality of maximising your profits. 

Come along for a FREE overview of growing your profits including:

  • Understanding your Profit & Loss
  • The myth – bigger is not necessarily better
  • Working smarter not harder
  • Working out your RPM (reasonable potential maximum)
  • The Impact of Incremental improvements
  • Goalseek software tools

Light refreshments provided. All welcome, so extend the invite and bring a friend!


Ashton Wheelans
Christchurch Office
Level 2, 83 Victoria Street 

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