We worked with Hanham & Philp Contractors' founders to assist with succession planning.


Business outcome

Long-term sustainability of Hanham & Philp Contractors beyond the working years of current owners John Parish and Jason Young.


The right people and the right advice at the right stage of your business journey. We were there in 1979 when Hanham & Philp Contractors began. And in the early 2000's we helped the firm transition to new owners John Parish and Jason Young.

"I could tell from the start how much faith Keith and Basil had in Ashton Wheelans’ director Andrew Oorschot.” John Parish, Joint Owner, Hanham & Philp Contractors.


Succession planning. John Parish says they see themselves as caretakers. It’s not about himself and co-owner Jason, it’s about Hanham & Philp and a deep commitment to maintaining the brand’s reputation for quality.


Ashton Wheelans worked with company founders Keith Hanham and Basil Philp to identify future owners for their business. We were involved in all aspects of the succession planning – from talent identification to forecasting, to assessing historical data and business valuations.

Today Hanham & Philp has 5 full time quantity surveyors, 11 foremen, and almost 50 carpenters.

The way Ashton Wheelans works with Hanham & Philp mirrors how we like to work with our design and construction partners – as early in every construction process as possible. That gives much better and often more cost-effective results.” John Parish.