Huge industry change forced a major rethink of the business plan for Photo and Video International.


Business Outcome

"They are challenging times, but they are also invigorating.” Greg Bramwell, owner of Photo and Video International, Merivale wants to be one of the handful of camera shops likely to still be left in New Zealand in the future.


Photo and Video International, located in Merivale, have faced massive change in their market. Greg Bramwell says there's been more change in his industry over the past few years than at any other time in the 24 years he's been running the business.


With the explosion in digital, lower cost automatic cameras and 'big box' stores, photographic stores across Australasia are closing left, right and centre.


Market change actually plays to Photo and Video International’sstrengths - a complete focus on quality for those for whom quality matters. There's a strong segment of the market that wants to take the sort of images that are only possible with quality gear; something consumer electronics businesses do not cater for.

Photo and Video International have also had considerable success with collectables and print innovation, for example providing customers with prints directly from smartphones.

Future goals are to innovate through education in store.


Ashton Wheelans’ director John Wheelans will call whenever inspiration strikes, sometimes at 10.30 at night. Inquisitive by nature, we’ve learned a lot about photographics and the changing world in which Photo and Video International operates. This is essential for finding better ways of doing things. Greg says John has helped his business manage margins, ensure stock turn and made certain they have the right strategy with wholesalers – all critical to the business.

Over the years we’ve needed to make some far-reaching decisions about how we manage the business. Ashton Wheelans has been a critical part in these decisions.” Greg Bramwell.